Sunday, April 26, 2009


Just 24 and this lad already has 15 years of experience in dancing. With more than 200 shows to his credit, which includes Kannada Filmfare award function which saw all the sandalwood celebrities, Srinivas AKA Srini breathes dance. He also has the unique credit of having danced with a few Bollywood celebs like Yana Gupta and Koena Mitra. He also heads a dance troupe DANSKIN. Best Male Dancer, Best Freestyle Dance Troupe, Best Choreographer are just a few awards this talented dancer has to his credit.

Dancing apart, he has travelled throughout India handling events as an Event Manager which brings out his contribution as a team player. This multi-faceted guy has more to him than meets the eye. He has directed plays during his college days, and has also worked on screenplay and dialogues for many movies. He never fails to impress and please anyone with his words. One of the senior most RJs at SFM-Bangalore, Srini has a Bachelor of Science degree and he uses it more to understand the science of smiles. He has enough links in the sandalwood industry to be the liaison for 93.5 SFM. Efficient, smart and energetic, Blade Raja the show he handles in morning prime time (10 to 12) has refused to move down the popularity charts.

Dynamism and enthusiasm personified, this guy has all that it takes to woo anybody with just his smile. Ever enthusiastic and energetic, it is hard for SFM to imagine a day without this guy. Creative in mind and the right attitude coupled with the eagerness to get things done, this guy is the perfect choice for not just getting things done but ensuring things to be done in the right way at the right time.

Do get in touch with Blade Raja Srini call 41237935 between 10:00 to 12:00 from Monday to Saturday. Or leave a comment on this article, Blade Raja Srini will get in touch with you.

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